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At Twigg we often have lots of Unique Items in which where originally used for another purpose in its lifetime. Often we get asked how to use these items again in a modern or different way in peoples homes. So we thought that we would explore some of these options for you and hopefully get some creative ideas flowing for you.
type case stones
One of the items in the shop we often get asked about is the Unique Type Case Trays. These are one of our staple items in store. These where originally used at old printing press or tabloids and they where used to keep the letters for printing. Hence the varying size of the squares in each case, as letters where in all fonts and sizes.
So on to how to reuse these items for a modern display you ask? One of our favourite ways at Twigg is to fill all the holes with different stones on your various journeys , this is a great way of remembering 'that walk on the beach' or the holiday from that place. The case then can be fixed to the wall using screws in a landscape or portrait position depending on your wall space.
Image: https://dukesandduchesses.com/
Our favourite way of repurposing the Type case is by turning it into a vertical Garden with succulent plants! Here at Twigg we love combining the elements from outdoors and indoors together. 
We have also read some really great ideas on The Spruce like storing your cotton reels and even if you have a creative side painting mini scenes in each square to create mini pictures or 'worlds'.
Why not try out some of these suggestions and send us some pictures of your creations. We love to see how our customers use their purchases.
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