Marina Living

Marina Living 

I As many moorers will understand, one of the challenges we face when moving onto a boat is the limited space provided. With being on the marina and in a small space we wanted to create a relaxing, comfy and colourful environment without it feeling cluttered.

One of our ideas was to use Weaver Green’s products from Twigg, which enabled us to brighten up both the inside and outside of our new home. Whether we are soaking up the sun or relaxing on the sofa they are always needed, which saves us the hassle of finding somewhere to store them.

Save Our Wildlife

The beauty of living here at the marina is the nature that surrounds us, hence the importance of helping create a safe environment for the animals. Twigg’s supply of weaver green is a perfect fit as their bags, cushions, throws and rugs minimise the amount of plastic that is drastically harming so many animals. The fact that they are made from recycled plastic bottles makes life on our boat a whole lot easier as the benefits of being washable and stain-resistant saves us from all those muddy paw prints.

Space Saving

We have also found multiple uses for nkuku’s reclaimed metal pots. They’re great for holding anything from wine bottles to plants, or even both, whatever floats your boat. When living on a boat it comes in useful to have items that are able to be used for multiple purposes in order to help save space. Another favourite of ours is the mango wood terrarium as it has helped add some greenery alongside the modern yet rustic style that we were looking for.

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A Few Final Words

 So in summary when looking to spruce your boat up I suggest thinking about how can the item your looking for serve multiple purposes and therefore saving space, and if you can make that product as sustainable as possible as we should all be doing our upmost to conserve our local wildlife and in general OUR PLANET.

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