Summer Gardening With Twigg

Summer Gardening With Twigg

Now is the time to get your garden summer ready

In a few short weeks we will all be enjoying your beautiful English summertime so now is the time to prepare your garden for enjoyment in the months ahead.


It’s not too late to sow your seeds here are some top tips:

  • Know your last frost date

Sowing dates will differ depending on your location, Seeds can be sown and left indoors 6 weeks before your last frost date.

  • Use good quality Seed Compost

A good compost will be the difference between success & failure. A money saving tip is to half fill your container with Multipurpose compost and top with the quality seed compost.

  • Cover the seeds
  • Label the seeds before you sow
  • Get the temperature correct

Most seeds require a temperature between 15 to 18 degrees to germinate

  • Light

Check your seeds daily once leaves emerge move the seedlings to a position with good light.

  • Water

Only when needed – Over watering can cause seedlings to rot.

  • Harden off the plants before placing outside

We have a large variety of beautiful pots for all your plants once they are ready for the garden. We also stock water sprayers and watering cans.

Summer watering cans


Preparing your seating area

Get ready for BBQ’s and late-night drinks in your garden. Now is the time to give your garden a spring clean just as you would your home.

Sweep and Jet wash your patio or decking. Decking would also benefit from a coat of wood preserver to maintain its look and to prolong its life against rotting.

Hand wash with hot soapy water any rattan garden furniture, wooden garden furniture can be jet washed and painted the same as decking.

Prepare and clean your BBQ, fire pit or chimeneas ready to light on those lovely summer evenings.

Once all the hard work is done grab yourself a drink and sit back and admire your hard work!


Check our range of garden pots, lighting, fire pits in store or online.

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