Twigg Vegan Caramel Large Candle 30cl

Twigg Vegan Caramel Large Candle 30cl



Twigg Vegan is a collection of well-being and skincare products that where made to leave you and your conscience feeling free.

This candle smells good enough to eat! and lets face it who doesn't like caramel. Snugly up and get cozy with this comforting warm caramel candle.

All  candles come boxed.

Use as a room candle: Helping you unwind and enjoy the relaxing aroma around you.

To use this candle for massage: We recommend that only a qualified massage therapist use this.


Directions of Use:

Make sure that the candle is clear of all obstructions and is placed on a flat non-flammable surface before lighting and that the room is free of all draughts.

Allow the candle to burn for around one hour prior to treatment. Never leave a candle unattended/out of sight during this time.

Approx after one hour burning time there should be a big enough oil pool to use during treatment.  Gently hold the candle glass at the base and then pour enough of the oil into your other cupped hand - should be about the size of a 2 pence piece.

Place the candle back onto a safe flat surface and then rub the oil between both hands and gently massage into the skin, keeping the warm oil moving - this will stop the wax from re-setting and will give you enough moisture to create a soothing massage. 

65 Hours Burn Time.


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