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The Dybdahl Co

Dybdahl Temple of Flora Collection

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Temple of Flora Collection 

Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora from 1807 illustrates the sexual system developed by Carl Linnaeus.

Join us in this garden of perpetual bloom where natures beauty is not changed by threatening skies nor dashing rain. In this Temple of Flora there is only the everlasting tranquillity where exotic flowers spread their crowns and softly wave their petals at those who dare to breach the threshold of this celestial hideaway garden.

Chose from 3 beautiful prints

Sacred Egyptian

Amazing colours leaving a distinct art deco impression on any wall.  

Blue Egyptian

A majestic blue Egyptian water-lily by the banks of the Nile. The beauty of this magnificent flower is only challenged by the beautiful view of Aboukir in the distance. 

Enchanted Rhodonia

This magnificent evergreen is blessed with a cluster of purple flowers. During winter its beautiful green leaves brightens up the dreary garden, and when spring arrives it is one of the first to salute the sun with its gorgeous flowers.

all available with or without an oak frame.



Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper in our own studio in rural Copenhagen, Denmark.



SIZE 30x40cm