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Room Diffuser


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Let tones of glorious fragrance enter your home with our vegan Room diffusers. All come boxed so are also ideal for gifts. Pick a scent and read more about each scent below:

Rose Geranium- The Rose famously known as the most romantic of flowers, is used by many as a symbol of love and devotion. The White Rose in particular, symbolises purity and youth, and the flower, much like its scent, is hard to find. With its rich fragrance, infused with dashes of freshly cut grass and Myrrh.

Bluebell- One of the nation's favourite flowers, the treasured English Bluebell, and its dewy, delicate scent has been bottled just for you. Infused into one of our  Reed diffusers, the scent will fill your room with early morning tranquillity and the fragrances of Spring.

Rhubarb- Our Rhubarb and Ginger Room Candles are perfect for re-vitalising a space that needs a bit of a lift. The rustic, but sweet scent of Rhubarb, infused with the tangy, sharp notes of Ginger, will leave your room filled with fresh energy and a spring in its step.


All Diffusers Come Boxed




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